How Much Do Printing Companies Charge To Do T-Shirts?

There are surprising facts you need to know about printing on garments. Firstly, you have to print on a flat surface to get desirable results. Basic fabric materials like shirts are easier. However, other types of apparels like hoodies and sweatshirts are more difficult to print. It is because the parts of the apparel cannot lay flatly on the surface. As a result, the prints are not solid or consistent. Zippers can be a hassle when printing on hoodies and pull-ups.

Not all fabrics are suitable to print

Have you studied that not all types of fabrics are suitable for printing? You will learn a lot from printing companies. For this type of fabric, embroidery is used instead of screen printing or heat on transfer. Sewing on the material can be a hassle to thus it requires a tool or equipment.

Tips in on printing fabrics

If you are going to order custom shirts you can ask the printing company to consider these tips. Suppose you are going to print light colors you must print on dark fabrics. Some people like stretchy fabrics but can be difficult to print on them. The ink can get stretchy too so you need to ask some printing companies before you order from them.

Is it costly?

Printing on fabrics can be costly when you order high-end fabrics and ink. The best way to save money when ordering shirts from companies is to make a canvas of the fabric, design, material and method they are going to use. Let them know how many shirts you are going to order to save more. It is better to buy in bulks and of course, avail of the discounts.

Don’t expect a lot

Garments differ from one another from the effects of the ink design to the uses. You need to determine if you are going to get shirts, hoodies or pants before ordering. There are eco-friendly inks to use for your fabrics as well. You may request the printing company to use it if you prefer. Don’t expect too much that the design your computer will be the same on the fabric material because the ink and the entire process affects it all. You cannot guarantee that it will be as accurate. It totally depends on how the printing company will do their work. To be safe, you need to check the reviews well.

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