The Least Expensive Way To Have Team Uniforms Printed Up

If you attend universities, team uniforms in colleges, departments, organizations, and whatnot are very common. Wearing one makes one feel like he or she belongs to something which is “something huge” for most people that are studying in universities. It feels good to wear something that is like an identification that defines who you are while in the university. While this sounds nice and all, it can be expensive for some. Nowadays, it is very important to consider the expenses, not to mention going to school can be costly.

Having a team uniform is awesome, but if it cost too much it can be an issue for the students and the parents. There are many methods to print uniforms like embroidery, screen printing, DTG or direct to garment, dye sublimation, heat press printing, vinyl cutting, 3D printing, etc. In choosing a method for printing uniforms, there is a lot to consider, and making sure that you choose the right fabric is one of the factors.

Choosing the right fabric depends on what the uniform is for. If it’s for sports, the common fibers used are polyester and nylon. Polyester is durable, breathable, lightweight, and non-absorbent because it is a plastic-based fabric. Another one of the most popular fabrics in active wear is Nylon, as it’s breathable, sweat-wicking, and super stretchy so it will move with you with every move you make.

For polyester, dye sublimation and screen printing are the most common and as for nylon, screen printing as well. While all methods have their pros and cons, there is one that is the most commonly used even in other types of fabrics when the right mix of inks and screens are used for the fabric that will be printed on and because hundreds of garment can be produced with the same design at a blazing fast speed which is ideal for huge groups or school teams. It can also help save money as it does not cost as much as other printing methods.

Being in a team is not just about the activities, the gatherings, and all. Behind all of it is also the expenses that have to be considered by the school and the parents. Planning and choosing the right materials and the printing method for team uniforms would be a huge help for the team’s expenses and fundings.

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